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Strolling / Close-up Magic

What is Strolling Magic?

ShowsStrolling magic is a unique performance art which allows small groups of people to see magic up close, while directly interacting with the Magician and each other. I’ll mingle with your guests while performing amazing, and highly entertaining, sleight-of-hand magic. You’ll hear gasps of astonishment and lots of laughter. It’s ideal for cocktail parties, banquets, hospitality suites and receptions – anywhere a stage show isn’t feasible or desired. It can also be done in conjunction with a stage show.

How Does It Work?

If your guests are seated, I’ll give each table their own personal magic show. If everyone is mingling, then I’ll mingle with them. Each small group or table will get their own personal, interactive magic experience.

One significant benefit of strolling magic is that it does not require the attention of the entire crowd at the same time. I’ll stroll around to individual tables or small groups of people, tailoring my presentation to suit each group.

Is A Strolling Magician Right For My Event?

ShowsProfessional event planners have called close-up magic “a perfect form of entertainment.” Party guests often have a wide range of musical tastes and other interests, but well-performed magic appeals to virtually all ages and personalities.

I’ve performed my highly entertaining strolling magic at cocktail receptions, hospitality suites, corporate and association events, fundraisers, and parties in private homes. I can tailor my performance to fit virtually any venue and atmosphere.

How Much Strolling Magic Do I Need?

ShowsTo ensure that everyone will enjoy the magic, I recommend one hour of strolling magic for every 70 guests. However, every event is different. Contact me to get a well-informed recommendation.

How Good Is Your Strolling Magic?

As a full-time professional magician, I have the skills necessary to impress even the most jaded guests. My sleight-of-hand magic is powerful, dignified and extremely entertaining. Whether strolling through a large ballroom event or working table-to-table at a dinner, there is simply no match for the impact of watching the laws of physics get twisted beyond recognition from only a foot away. It may be one of the most talked about features of your entire event.

Mini Magic Show Station

A variation on strolling magic, where the magician stays put and the audience strolls. Doug sets up a small table in a corner of the room and does mini magic shows (ranging from 5 to 20 minutes each, depending on the crowds). This is particularly well suited for a hospitality suite, in conjunction with a casino night, or any event with food or other activity stations.

Formal Close-up Show

Sometimes you need a little something extra special to entertain your guests. A formal close-up show brings a sense of occasion to the performance with an incredible display of sleight-of-hand magic. Ideally suited for groups of up to thirty people, everyone is seated around the performance table, with a full view of the proceedings. Usually between thirty and forty-five minutes in length, this format gives me the opportunity to perform more involved effects; routines not normally practical for a strolling magic situation. The show is amazing, interactive, and most of all, fun. Whether you’re having a house party with a touch of style, or a corporate evening to entertain that special client, a formal close-up show will add that extra touch of class to make it an evening to remember.

To find out more about how Doug Arden can help your organization stage more effective cocktail receptions, hospitality suites, and special events, contact him today. Ask about the special discount packages.

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